Welcome to the groundbreaking new insurance solution.

For Lease Here Pay Here dealers AND their customers.

How it Works

Whether you have the best tracking system or not, you will still have customers default on the lease due to lack of insurance.

How much time and money do you spend tracking cancellations, non-pay notices and reinstatements of your lessees' insurance policies? How many customers have you lost because the insurance offices were closed when they needed coverage?

Instant Solution: Our program puts the insurance default rate under your control. Tracking these insurance cancelations, non-pay notices and reinstatements is only part of the burden to the dealer. Ultimately the dealer is still tasked with keeping the lease out of default.

Insurance tracking costs, whether outsourced or done internally, are significant.

Instant Solution: Our program eliminates the cost of tracking AND the overhead cost of trying to keep the lessee’s insurance in place.

Customers obtaining the auto liability insurance can delay or derail the deal. 

Instant Solution:  Now you can offer auto insurance in seconds from YOUR computer 24/7/365.

Now, there's an easy way to make all those problems disappear.

The only "Lease Here Pay Here" dealer insurance program, Insuralease puts you in total control because it's YOUR policy.

You offer lessees the opportunity to buy in, and they reimburse you for the premium. Use our proprietary website to monitor policy status, add/delete vehicles, get a quote and close the sale with just a couple of clicks, 24/7. It's a whole new level of convenience and security ... for both you and your lessees.


“The Insuralease program has enabled us to deliver vehicles 24/7 by providing our customers with the option to sign up for primary insurance on the spot through their web portal.”

George H. Sapna III, President, Freedom Rides Inc. | View more »